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Poke, the Hawaiian bowls made with rice topped with chunks of raw, marinated fish and veggies, have made some inroads on the mainland in the past year or so, but experts say they are going to really take root this year. They certainly have more than begun to in North Jersey. Set to open soon: Little Bear Poke in Upper Montclair.

What We’ll Be Eating in 2018: Food Trends for the Year Ahead, northjersey.com

Located at 254 Bellevue Avenue, Little Bear Poke is all about serving fun, feel-good, responsibly sourced food.

Little Bear Poke Opens May 24 in Montclair, njnext.com

The wait is almost over. Little Bear Poke is officially opening in Upper Montclair on May 24. When it comes to the menu, Poke — fresh, raw fish bowls with inventive seasonings — is the star of the show.

Little Bear Poke Opens Officially in Upper Montclair on May 24, baristanet.com

We predicted that poke (pronounced Po-KAY), the Hawaiian bowls of rice topped with raw, marinated fish and veggies, is going to be a big thing in 2018. It's made some inroads on the mainland in the past few years, but in 2018... Now it's about to land in Upper Montclair.

Hawaiian Poke to come to Upper Montclair later this month, northjersey.com

Eating out healthy requires no special effort at Little Bear Poké, which is great for anyone, but especially for families looking for a fast-casual meal out they can feel good about afterwards.

Fun, Delicious, and Healthy: Bowled Over by Little Bear Poké Montclair, baristanet.com

There was a surprising harmony between the kale’s delicate roasted flavor and the ultra-tender tuna. My fish-wary friend had considered ordering seamed tuna—Little Bear always has a cooked protein—but he wolfed this down, reveling in the lusciousness and light touch of sweet, house-made teriyaki sauce.

Tasty, Trendy Poke Arrives in Montclair, njmonthly.com


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